Slight Touch ST-501 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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The Slight Touch wrist digital blood pressure monitor model no: ST-501 is a fully automatic monitor that is FDA approved. It comes in a sturdy, deluxe carry case. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are included in the package.

Slight Touch, claims to have innovated a device that measures blood pressure with clinically accurate precision from the wrist, as opposed to the more traditional upper arm blood pressure monitor. Let’s see how it fares!


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The Slight Touch wrist digital blood pressure monitor has quite a few good features, such as the large LCD display, which is very favorable for people who have short eyesight. This display is backed by the quiet inflation method as well. Moreover, it has a built-in memory that records blood pressure results of up to 60 times per person, but this is a feature that does not seem very handy, as people generally tend to jot down and track their vital signs on the paper itself. So, this may seem helpful for a few lazy users.

It displays the average of the last 3 results, but this feature seems like a drawback of the device, because the results are not actually as accurate as Slight Touch claims it to be.

But anyway moving further, the irregular heartbeat and WHO indicator is a ‘GREAT!’ feature. This feature serves as a real life saver for people who face such an issue, since it gives them a heads up and they can take precautionary or preventive measures accordingly.

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Comfort and Accuracy

Using the Slight Touch digital wrist monitor is like a piece of cake. It is very user friendly once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is read the user manual and follow the instructions. Strap it on your wrist and you are good to go!

Over and above that, it is true that Slight Touch digital wrist monitor does quite stick to its claim. Even though it may not offer exactly clinically accurate blood pressure monitoring, it does offer pretty accurate result, which is good enough for personal blood pressure monitoring. The average of the last 3 results also does not quite waver from each of the individual results, which proves that it is quite accurate. It is not a replacement for regular clinical checkups, but serves the purpose for personal monitoring.

So, for comfort, the Slight Touch digital wrist blood pressure monitor gets a complete 10/10 and for accuracy it gets a 9/10. I shall deduct 1 point only because it does not exactly stick to its claim of clinical accuracy.

Overall verdict

It is surely a great product for domestic use to keep a good balance in your blood pressure levels by keeping a regular track on it.

Surely recommend the Slight Touch digital wrist blood pressure monitor to everyone out there!


  • User friendly
  • Great set of features
  • Comfortable cuff
  • Comes with batteries


  • Doesn't live up to claim of 'clinical' accuracy


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