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10 Foods You should Absolutely Avoid if You Have High Blood Pressure

Much like a dam blocking the proper flow of a river, eating the wrong things can result in impeded blood flow and give you high blood pressure. Before you spend time searching for “superfoods” and all the nutrients that will bring you to the next level of healthiness, you need to find all the foods that are having adverse effects on your blood pressure and eliminate them. The best course you can t...[Read More]

10 Exercises You Can Do to Help Your Blood Pressure

If you imagine the circulatory system as a pump working away to move the blood around your body, then you know it needs to be reliable and work for you day-in, day-out. But sometimes you need to pause and ask yourself – how healthy is this pump? Is it always going to work? What can I do to make sure it works better? All of this relates to how good your blood pressure is. You need to keep you...[Read More]

People (still) Not Taking Their Blood Pressure Medicine – CDC Study

Well, turns out a whole whack of Americans don’t seem to be great at following Doctors’ orders. In a new study released today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that approximately 5 million Medicare Part D patients ranging from the age of 65 and older are not taking their medication properly (either skipping some doses, or abandoning the medication altogether). An...[Read More]

Coffee is Bad For Your Blood Pressure – New Study

In news that surprises exactly nobody, the Lawson Health Research Institute is reporting that your morning cup of coffee might be affecting your blood pressure treatment adversely.  Ok, so I’m being a little facetious here, but if you’ve been living with HBP for any amount of time, you know that you need to keep your caffeine intake down because every old wives’ tale agrees on th...[Read More]

AliveCor and Omron Partner Up for First IOS App Combining Blood Pressure and ECG

AliveCor, the maker of mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, is partnering with Omron to integrate data from Omron’s bluetooth-enabled Omron Series 10 with its ECG Kardia Mobile application. According to AliveCor’s press release, this new app is the “first consumer-ready, clinically validated ECG and blood pressure monitor to provide patients with a more complete view of the...[Read More]

Paralympics Committee Cracks Down on Cheating through “Blood Pressure Boosting”

In another edition of “Things that I didn’t know were things” I was informed today that the International Paralympics committee is starting to crack down on – get this – athletes who artificially blood pressure boosting to enhance their performance for an event. This seems crazy to me. Here we are, a large portion of the American populace who is obsessed with lowering...[Read More]

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