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We were first attracted to the Care Touch wrist blood pressure cuff monitor because of it’s nice size and what looked like nice and bright, backlit screen. As many of us know, traditional electronic blood pressure checkers can be a pain to take out and mess with before taking the reading. Traditional monitors also take up a significant amount of space in our nightstands. Further, we often check our blood pressure at night prior to bed, so good lighting is always a nice thing. Since the Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure monitor seems to solve all these problems, let’s see how it fared in our test.


The first thing you notice about this product is its size, as well as it should be since it’s one of the main selling points. But the Care Touch is actually even a little more svelte and portable that the comparable offering from our last wrist-based cuff review subject: The Slight Touch ST 501. We were quite impressed by how small the unit is and how well it fits on top of night stands, in night stand drawers and other small nooks and crannies that a traditional blood pressure monitor would not fit in. It fit our wrist comfortably.


Ease of Use

The unit was super easy to set up , so we had no complaints there.  The box arrived with everything we needed to get started including the batteries, and off we went to the races and were able to get our blood pressure reading in literally under a minute, so that’s always great to see. Speaking of seeing, the LCD screen is quite nice and easy to look at and understand especially in lower lighting conditions.



Here is where we started to see some problems. Well, a lot of problems. Compared to readings from our doctors, the Care Touch blood pressure monitor seemed to be off by about 20 mm/hg or so on a consistent basis. This is a bit disappointing and we are not sure whether it’s the unit itself or  just a general problem with how we are using it, or a function of using the wrist as the location for blood pressure readings. Whatever it is, it’s not good and therefore it gets major negative points. Your experience might vary and many reviews on Amazon suggest that the product is accurate. However, we didn’t have a great experience with it’s accuracy (but then, those reviews are almost all provided in exchange for a discounted unit, so read what you will into that). 


Well, the key to something that is used to measure is that it be accurate and consistent. The Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff is impressive looking, easy to use, and comfortable, but sadly fails in the areas of accuracy and just barely makes a passing grade on consistency.


  • Size - it's tiny!
  • Ease of Setup
  • Backlit LCD Screen


  • Inaccurate


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