People (still) Not Taking Their Blood Pressure Medicine – CDC Study

People (still) Not Taking Their Blood Pressure Medicine – CDC Study

Well, turns out a whole whack of Americans don’t seem to be great at following Doctors’ orders.

In a new study released today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that approximately 5 million Medicare Part D patients ranging from the age of 65 and older are not taking their medication properly (either skipping some doses, or abandoning the medication altogether). And as we here at BloodPressureChecker.Org know, checking your blood pressure is just half the game, and ignoring your meds can have devastating health consequences: risk of stroke, kidney problems, heart disease and other things.

Not to mention you could just drop dead because of it. There’s a reason why high blood pressure is called the silent killer folks, and it’s not because it can’t talk.

“…Blood Pressure is a Leading Killer in the United States.”

“The fact is that high blood pressure is a leading killer in the United States,” CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, M.D., MPH, told OHS Online, and went on to say that if patients did not control their hypertension it can lead to declining cognitive functions in older people.  Dr. Frieden added that getting a blood pressure monitor, like the Omron Series 10 for example,  is a good idea. The last thing he mentioned was that medication, for most people, is the only way to reduce high blood pressure, and that’s exactly what 5 million Americans are not doing.

As for what’s causing this alarming self-neglect? Things are unfortunately not too clear, and might point to multiple culprits, namely complicated regiments that must be adhered to and the somewhat expected side effects of medications.

What Now?

So what happens now? The CDC is asking doctors to simplify medication regimens to further help ageing patients in adhering to their medication plans. Time will tell if this will have the desired effect.

The CDC estimates the number of adults in America with high blood pressure to be approximately 70 million, with half of them not having it under control.

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