AliveCor and Omron Partner Up for First IOS App Combining Blood Pressure and ECG

AliveCor and Omron Partner Up for First IOS App Combining Blood Pressure and ECG

AliveCor, the maker of mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, is partnering with Omron to integrate data from Omron’s bluetooth-enabled Omron Series 10 with its ECG Kardia Mobile application. According to AliveCor’s press release, this new app is the “first consumer-ready, clinically validated ECG and blood pressure monitor to provide patients with a more complete view of their heart health, improve proactive monitoring and create a new standard of care for people at risk of stroke.”The Omron and AliveCor family of products pictured as AliveCor introduces the first iOS app combining ECG and blood pressure to manage heart health.

We haven’t tested the AliveCor offering yet, but will try to get our hands on a unit to give it a whirl along with this new IOS app, but so far the capabilities seem quite inviting.

AliveCor’s goal is to target partients who are monitoring their health for stroke prevention, and according to them this combination of powers from both their and Omron’s offerings will allow patients to easily track two of the most important heart health statistics associated with strokes: Blood pressure and Atrial Fibrillation or A-Fib, or more simply just ‘AF’.

This will be the first time any platform available to general consumers has integrated these two risk-factors within one mobile-available IOS application. Of course, patients need to still work with their doctors to plan for appropriate care, but having this tool is sure to be a boon to that process. As they say, you can’t improve what you can’t measure, and the we’re big fans of making key metrics like AF and blood pressure front and center, and easily available.

“Giving patients the ability to monitor two vital heart health statistics for stroke in one place has the opportunity to be life-changing,” said Dr. David Albert, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at AliveCor. “With this combined data, patients can change their most important modifiable risk factor, blood pressure, and seek the right care that could improve heart health and prevent a stroke. Today we are one step closer to achieving our mission of making the ECG a vital statistic for not just cardiologists, but patients, physicians and caregivers.”

Of course, blood pressure monitoring on an IOS app has been quite common with the advent like the Omron 10 series bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor,  which connects to your smartphone with a nifty app for tracking blood pressure, so that’s nothing new. The combination of having both blood pressure and ECG in one place, however, is not something that’s been offered before.

It’s also the first time Omron has partnered with an outside player to combine these types of readings.

“Our partnership with AliveCor reinforces Omron Healthcare’s commitment to innovation that provides deeper insights, encourages behavioral change and promotes healthier lifestyle habits,” said Ranndy Kellogg, ‎president and chief executive officer of Omron Healthcare, Inc. “The combination of precise technology generating accurate readings, and the ability to track and share that data easily, results in better treatment plans and better outcomes.”

More and more patients are opting to track ECG in this manner. According to AliveCor, 10 million ECG’s have already been recorded on the Kardia mobile devices, and we’d imagine that number is growing every day. While a little slow, it looks like the transformation of healthcare to be mobile and consumer-focused is certainly under way.  Well, we for one are pretty excited about this development and and can’t wait to get our hands on a unit to test this out.

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