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The Omron 5 series is a tried and tested workhorse of the industry.  In this section we bring together all the research we have done on this great little product.

Omron continues its dominance of the blood pressure monitor market with this spectacular piece of kit that takes blood pressure monitors and brings them into the 21st century with style. Check out review, videos and pictures of this category-leading unit.

Get a quick video overview of the Omron 10 series blood pressure checker.

The Slight Touch wrist digital blood pressure monitor model no: ST-501 is a fully automatic monitor that is FDA approved. It comes in a sturdy, deluxe carry case. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are included in the package. Slight Touch, claims to have innovated a device that measures blood pr...[Read More]

Wrist-based blood pressure checkers have slowly been gaining popularity over the last little while. We take a look at one of the mainstays of the field in our review.

In another edition of “Things that I didn’t know were things” I was informed today that the International Paralympics committee is starting to crack down on – get this – athletes who artificially blood pressure boosting to enhance their performance for an event. This se...[Read More]

AliveCor, the maker of mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, is partnering with Omron to integrate data from Omron’s bluetooth-enabled Omron Series 10 with its ECG Kardia Mobile application. According to AliveCor’s press release, this new app is the “first consumer-ready, clin...[Read More]

In news that surprises exactly nobody, the Lawson Health Research Institute is reporting that your morning cup of coffee might be affecting your blood pressure treatment adversely.  Ok, so I’m being a little facetious here, but if you’ve been living with HBP for any amount of time, you k...[Read More]

In the latest addition to our blood pressure checker knowledge-base, BPChecker takes a look at the reasonably popular, and generally well reviewed Care Touch Wrist blood pressure monitor, and sees what all the fuss has been about.

Well, turns out a whole whack of Americans don’t seem to be great at following Doctors’ orders. In a new study released today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that approximately 5 million Medicare Part D patients ranging from the age of 65 and older are not taking...[Read More]

If you imagine the circulatory system as a pump working away to move the blood around your body, then you know it needs to be reliable and work for you day-in, day-out. But sometimes you need to pause and ask yourself – how healthy is this pump? Is it always going to work? What can I do to mak...[Read More]

Much like a dam blocking the proper flow of a river, eating the wrong things can result in impeded blood flow and give you high blood pressure. Before you spend time searching for “superfoods” and all the nutrients that will bring you to the next level of healthiness, you need to find all the foods ...[Read More]

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